End the illegal Turkish Occupation

The 3 requests we are making:

  1. Keep Cyprus clean of Turkish troops
  2. Repatriate all colonists
  3. Allow all the refugeest to return to their homes without conditions


Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 and divided the country without authorization and committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. The army cleansed hundreds of thousands of Greek people without mercy.

Today, Turkey is still violationg the international laws and U.N resolutions that demand it to remove its army from Cyprus and return the land to its rightful owners.

We are protesting against this illegal use of force and a regime that is discriminating against the Greek citizens living in Cyprus.

The Greet Cypriots are the legal owners of most of the land of the island and we demand that they are giving a justifiable peace of what is theirs.

How can Turkey, a country that is looking to join the EU still allowed to hold over one third of the island, that is a member of the EU?

The rights of the local population must be returned, and they must be allowed to live their lives in peace where they belong.

It is hard to believe that EU allows Turkey to violate human rights of EU citizens still after all these years and hasn’t done anything to put a stop to it.

We ask for your support to pressure EU to help Greet Cypriots reclaim their homeland, and end the Turkish apartheid in Cyprus.